Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Discussion Points for Session 7

These are the discussion points for session 7. Please refer to this page for the session schedule and details. Join the session!

Q1. For practicing interpreters joining this discussion, what percentage of your work is done in consecutive as compared to simultaneous?

Q2. In what situations are you called upon to interpret in consecutive mode?

Q3. What is new beyond the note pad?

Q4.  What do we refer to when we say "consecutive"? Wouldn't it be wiser to distinguish between situations requiring long consec (e.g. 5-10 minutes) and those requiring short(er) consec (under 5 minutes)?

Q5. Should consecutive go on being the building block of simultaneous?

Q6. Do you see consecutive dying out as an interpreting form, or growing in the future?

Q7. How does the expectation for fast delivery and speed impact the request for simultaneous in non-conference settings where consecutive might traditionally be used?

Q8. Can an interpreter make a living with consecutive alone?

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