Sunday, January 22, 2012

#IntJC Consider joining the Circle in Google+

If you wish to be part of the #IntJC Circle over Google+, go to the link down there and add the page to whichever circle on your side. You may create for instance a Circle called "Pages" or anything else. In response, I will add you to the #IntJC Circle. This is not automatic though. I need to be in front of my computer so there may be a delay. 

However, there is no obligation to do so. Announcements about #IntJCwill still be dispatched multichannel as usual, starting with Twitter and the initiative web site here, what with spontaneous promotion, blogging and retweets from other participants. However, it may be a convenient way to stay in touch, and for you to take the initiative and get in touch one-to-one with colleagues, and get a better feel of the potential of Google+ business wise (no ad purpose).

Remember that #IntJC is no association, there is no membership, no club, no listing, no organizational framework here besides spontaneous participation and the will to do it. 

All of you are welcome, seasoned or not, consec or simul, sign language, in conference, in social, business, medical, legal, liaison or any theater you can think about, beginners, students, teachers, interpreters with or without formal training, interpreters with many other professionals hats, without distinction.

#IntJC Page over Google+

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