Thursday, February 2, 2012

#IntJC Discussion Points for Session 10

Q1. What about judicial terp certification system in your country? Is
there a system?

Q2. How does your MoJ or local/regional judiciary administrations in
your country source interpreters?
Q3. How are judicial interpreters organized in your country? Are there
professional associations of judicial interpreters? How active are
they in defending the profession?
Q4. How do you become a judicial interpreter? Are there training
courses at entry level, at mid-career level?
Q5. Is the situation faced by judicial interpreters in the UK unique?
Are you seeing a commodification of interpreters in your country?

Q6. What are judicial interpreters in the UK doing to counter the
situation? What could they do?

Come and participate to Session 10. 
Invite your judicial interpreters friends and colleagues. 
Spread the word!

Details of the session are here

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