Monday, February 6, 2012

#IntJC Expanding the reach and scope

I just slightly modified the headline and description of the #IntJC web site

Basically, I moved from:

Twitter based Journal Club for language interpreters worldwide


Twitter based Journal Club for language interpreters and related stakeholders worldwide

I am not sure my English is correct and enticing enough, so please correct me and suggest better wording. In the longer blurb, I expand the meaning of stakeholders of the interpreting market to trainers, training schools, service providers, serious intermediaries and users of our services as well. This serious thing is very serious and no pun intended. You certainly know the reasons why.

Modifying the wording won't change the reach of this initiative in a night but I think keeping it among ourselves, building even not on purpose mental barriers to participation is not a correct strategy. The ecosystem is made out of various players and the doors must be open in a context that is also market oriented. But this has to be led by interpreters though. 

Actually, there are no doors to #IntJC, but as it is, it feels a little bit like an exclusive club. 

Be reminded that tere is no club, no membership and no string attached.

If #IntJC allows interpreters participants to get in touch with peers (this depends on the individual effort to reach out though), but also yield additional work and jobs opportunities for some, it definitely won't be a bad thing.

As a reminder, #IntJC is also taking root over Google+. If you are in the Google+ dynamics or you are considering to give it a try (yes, yet another SNS), this alone is a reason to come into the loop. 

You add this Page to your Circles (in another SNS, this should read I assume: you add this Group to your Lists) and I add you back. I only add people who have informed their profile.

There are other reasons to consider joining Google+ beyond #IntJC and develop professional dynamics as the systems allow as never before to get in touch. 

One is the Hangouts: Endless Possibilities (for Interpreters and Translators). You don't need to use Google+ to watch the page. 

#IntJC idea was born by watching what they were doing in medical discussion with the Twitter Journal Club. This original initiative was launched by two medical students. It suggests you don't have to wait for notoriety to make things move towards more constructive professional communication. 


  1. Thank you for the terrific plug, Lionel! Collaboration in real time is essential - and it is also GREAT when we can do it face-to-face, interacting on a more personal level in the hangouts!

  2. Looks fine to me, the first link in the post is not working.