Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#IntJC is taking a deep breath

The Interpreting Journal Club is taking a big breath, a big break and a big thought of resourcing.

Thank you for your support and participation to the previous 24 sessions. Next session 25 will happen sometime next year. Keep following the hashtag #IntJC, the web site and other traces and trails online.

Until next time.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

#IntJC Session 24 transcript is online

It's here. Read it, spread it and if you are into interpreting, any domain and level, join next session.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

#IntJC 24 on Nov Sat 17th: CPD for Interpreters

Announcement and Topic 

Session 24 of The Interpreting Journal Club is scheduled for the coming Saturday 17th from 10 pm Japan Time.

No text of value has emerged after hours fishing the Internet with "CPD interpreter", namely, "Continuing professional development for interpreters". If you know of some valuable content, please get in touch.

In the meantime, here is a list of a selected CPD offers picked without any particular criteria, but the sheer amount of courses and seminars offered suggest that CPD for interpreters is hot, according to regions and specialities.

I invite you to browse these links for a partial taste for what is in store. One pending puzzlement is why so many offers are seemingly generated in the UK.

And on a side note, I personally like this one "Becoming a Voice-over Artist" at the Chartered Institute of Linguistics. Now, what about opera singing for interpreters? You will find a suggested list of discussion points after the links.

Read those, spread the word and join session 24 of The Interpreting Journal Club.

Chartered Institute of Linguist (UK)


University of Bath

AIIC courses and events

Institute of Translation and Interpreting (UK)

TICPD (Australia)

Discussion points (help make these better)

1. What is your take on CPD availability in your country or region?

2. What are your experiences as a user of CPD courses? How valuable were they?

3. What are the profiles of CPD? Who is CPD for?

4. What are the constraints when considering applying for a CPD?

5. What CPD opportunities you wish you had access to?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

#IntJC 24 On CPDs for interpreters

UPDATE : Read later post for the schedule of this session now set

A potential topic for #IntJC session 24  is continuing professional development for interpreters. If you query the topic over the Internet, you quickly come to realise that there are quite a lot of courses and seminars coined as CPD opportunities, even if not in your immediate location. Why is it that so many seem to happen in the UK, or is it Google search leaning on the British side?

Whatever it is, there are experiences, thoughts and wishes for CPDs among regulars and new and future participants of The Interpreting Journal Club. As usual, a few input on interesting reading materials or any other enlightening content on that matter would come handy. If you know some, shout back over Twitter with the hashtag #IntJC.