Saturday, January 26, 2013

#IntJC Time to call it quit

#IntJC is closing the door. After 24 sessions, it is time to move on to something else. The format has shown the power of remote communication when and where there is a will, and some limitations as well. I want to focus on the power here and distribute flowers well deserved.

1. Thank you to all the participants over time. It has always been a miracle to see you pop up on the screen when doubt was in the air that it could be a no-show.
2. Thank you to the repeaters. How could you come again and again to this?
3. Thank you for the friendship across continents. This will survive that.
4. Thank you for the insights and supports.
5. Thank you for the sharing from veterans to beginners and students.
6. Thank you to the veterans for not disregarding #IntJC despite the experience, qualification and level mix.
7. Thank you for the support, exchange of ideas and various helps that took place behind the stage. And this still happens in the present.
8. Thank you to my copilot friends in South-America where the energy is tremendous.
9. Thank you to the rare daring liaison interpreters who came and to those who didn't.
10. Thank you for the achievements and the warmth.

As #IntJC and the web site have no copyrights attached, anyone is welcome to use the hashtag and name, and the web site is open for sharing or any means of transfer. Until the Gods at Google decide to clear it up, archives are and will be visible as usual and hopefully inspiring new and fresh initiatives from you.

From now on, see you on all possible channels. Whenever you stop over in Tokyo, let's meet.

Lionel Dersot   

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Your opinions for 2013

The Interpreting Journal Club is in need of your feedback. What topics should we discuss in 2013? Give your opinions over Twitter with hashtag # IntJC. And a late Happy New Year!